In Russia began to celebrate the Day of Russian students

Russia began to celebrate the Day of Russian students. In Moscow on red square in honor of the upcoming Day of St. Tatiana started “student Sports night.”

a Sports student night, the main skating rink in the heart of Moscow — on red square, master classes from well-known athletes, but some of the students themselves can give the master class.

the Players of Moscow “Dynamo” taught future engineers, doctors, managers and even the Humanities hockey. However, the rate of the first, and therefore no washers and clubs — Colloquium for skating.

Olympic Medalist, speed skater Ivan Skobrev, of course, also on the ice. Athletes, as students and their signs. Skobrev, of course, a patch under the heel is not placed, but always the first ones put on the left skate, and skate a perfect student — a love of sports.

the rink has invited nearly a thousand students. To scolinos easy, better without tails.

Svetlana Zhurova reminded: ice and skates is not only about sport, but about romance. Falling snow tender feelings only added.

the Night, though sports, but the student. Those who skipped the exercise, could rehabilitate ourselves and win the record book with the signature of the Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin.

Closer to the night flushed from skating students tuition do not have to blush, arranged a disco on ice. If not, today was sports records, but it seems that everyone today is the world champion in a good mood.