In Russia came into force the law on viticulture and winemaking

In Russia, on 26 June, entered into force the law on viticulture and winemaking. The document previously signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

the Document introduces the term “wine of Russia” is a wine made from grapes grown in Russia, and made without imported grapes.

Wine is considered an alcoholic wine-producing agricultural products with content of ethyl alcohol from 7.5% to 18% produced only by the fermentation of fresh grapes or grape must.

the law protects the wine from counterfeit, substandard products. On the label is mandatory when the sale of wine in retail indicated grade, place of origin and harvest year of the grapes from which wine is produced.

In the Kuban region is one-third of all vineyards in the country — about 26 thousand hectares. Every year, they give 45 percent of all Russian grapes is over 200 thousand tons. Almost half of all Russian wines produced in the Kuban.