In Russia changed the rules of production and sale of wine

Rules for the production and sale of wine in Russia is changing. Already imposed new excise taxes, and in the middle of the year will come into force a ban on the beverage of foreign wine.

Oleg Nividium preparing your wine tasting. According to chief winemaker of the Kuban economy, the interest of the domestic noble drink is growing. 2019 was revolutionary for the industry: the law on viticulture and winemaking.

the Law has introduced the basic concepts. For example, have stipulated that the wine is alcoholic wine agricultural food products with content of ethyl alcohol from 7.5% to 18%, produced exclusively by fermentation of fresh grapes or grape must. That is all that made from other fruits, wine is not considered. The document also prohibits the use of imported raw wine beverage production.

However, to document the industry has issues. For example, while in Russia is not growing as many grapes to be able to completely abandon foreign beam. Another question concerns the appearance of specific ratings and the commissions that will evaluate the wine.

the Changes relate to the wine shelves. So, wine beverages must be accompanied by the words “not Wine” and sold separately. There have also been proposals to allocate in stores domestic bottles.

In 2020 equalize the excise tax rates of domestic and imported wines. In this case the domestic producers promise of compensation. Winemakers don’t know how it will look in practice. And I hope in the new year, lawmakers will be amendments to this basic document and explain the rules of the game.