In Russia, for the day of the coronavirus infected human 6632

Operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 on Saturday published daily statistics. In 84 regions of the country coronavirus infection contracted 6632 person. At 29.6 percent of them the disease is without clinical manifestations.

the Number recovered has increased by 8 986 people and reached 446 879. According oberstab, recovered 66.2 per cent of the total number of patients with COVID.

24 hours died 168 patients. The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic exceeded ten thousand – 10 027. Daily gains of 1.7 percent, significantly less than the values of the end of may and beginning of June.

the Average mortality rate in Russia is 1.49 per cent against 4.8 per cent worldwide.

the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia on Saturday was 0.99. In Russia on average it is kept below one from 16 June. And in Moscow – 4 June.

the least cases of coronavirus recorded in the Voronezh region of 0.84. Most in Saint-Petersburg – 1,15.