In Russia for the first time since the beginning of may revealed less than 8 thousand cases COVID-19

In recent days in Russia revealed 7 843 cases COVID-19 in 84 regions — the lowest figure for the number of new cases since the beginning of may (may 1, daily gain was 7 933 infected), reports oberstab.

the Total number of cases in the country increased to 553 301. In the world ranking, Russia remains the third place on this indicator. The leaders are the United States (2 130 000 infected) and Brazil (923 000).

the total number of cases in Russia 304 342 people have already recovered is one-third (including 10 036 inhabitants was discharged for the last day). 7 478 patients died from coronavirus infection. Still rooting 241 481 people.

In Moscow was 1 065 new cases COVID-19 per day, the total of the diseased has increased to 209 745. Died of disease 3 434 patients, 128 of the 385 people have fully recovered. In the active phase of the disease are 77 926 people.