In Russia, most earn financiers and insurers

Rosstat published data on wages in Russia in the first three months of 2020. As can be seen from the report that the highest remuneration for work received by the financiers and insurers – 106,6 thousand rubles.

they are followed by people employed in the mining industry — was 85.6 thousand rubles. A bit professionals in IT and communication – 81 thousand rubles. On average, another 8 thousand less get the engineers, scientists and technicians, says RT.

least of all in the beginning of the year earned by the employees of hotels and public catering enterprises – 29 thousand rubles. Engaged in administrative activities received 36.9 thousand rubles, and teachers and professors — 37,3 thousand.

the Average salary in Russia grew by ten percent by 2019, and made 48.3 thousand rubles. The highest average salary in the beginning of 2020 was in Chukotka — 109,1 thousand rubles, in Moscow – 95.5 thousand rubles.