In Russia only grows sales of coupes and convertibles

the car Market is recovering from April, the worst period in its history. But as it turned out, in Russia only grows sales of coupes and convertibles in January-may 2020, estimated by the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” based on the data of the Committee of automakers Association of European businesses.

In January-may, the Russians bought 3,370 thousand of these machines, which is 5% higher than the same period of 2019.

In may the sales of all passenger cars decreased by 53%, but sales of coupes and convertibles suffered less than 40%.

sales of all new passenger cars in Russia by the end of 5 months decreased by 25%, but not convertible and coupe. Most sales decreased in the segment “A”: a small citycare (-78%). Less common among pickups (-16%).

In may, despite the decline in sales, the first place in popularity in Russia, the new car again took VAZ cars. In may the lists of the most sold cars in Russia is headed by Lada Granta, despite the decline in sales of 48% (5726 cars). Second place went to Lada Vesta: 4475 machines and minus 49% compared to may of last year. Kia Rio became the third, gaining 3655 buyers (-56%).

Fourth place went to the leading in the mill crossover model Hyundai Creta: bought 3243 times (-44%). Volkswagen Polo lost in may, 56% of sales, but found 2158 customers and took fifth place.

Sixth place — Lada Largus (1981 machine, -38%), the seventh was the Hyundai Solaris (1924 consumer, -64%), Lada 4×4 found 1664 buyer, which is 30% lower than last year may. After — Renault Duster (1470 buyers — 55%), and closes the top ten Renault Logan (1396 sold units, -39%).

Sales of cars in Russia can be restored to pre-crisis levels next year. The head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov in an interview with reporters said that the Department hope for the recovery of sales in 2021, the year.

According to the latest data of the Association Evropeiskogoon businesses (AEB), sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia in may 2020 fell by 2 times compared to may of last year to 63 thousand cars, in April — 3 times to 38.9 thousand.

Such a decline has been recorded for the first time in the history of the collection of statistical data for car market in Russia. In March it sold 160,6 thousand cars and in April last year — 152,2 thousand cars.

In 2019, vehicle sales in Russia declined by 2.3% to 1,759 million cars after two consecutive years of growth.