In Russia, open restaurants, planned returns medicine

Russia has steadily, but cautiously steps out of the epidemic of coronavirus.

This is not a flight is an illusion. Pilot Damir Yusupov breaks in the sky. Since the end of March — only a few departures from abroad were returned to the Russian tourists. “I want full power to fly, as it was before. When you fly a lot, get used to these flights, to feel it,” says the Hero of Russia.

When the passengers stopped flying, the Airbus began to haul cargo. Humanitarian. From China. On Board the dismantled chair. Now they are returned back.

“we had a reduction of about 90% of the volume. During the peak period. Now there is a positive trend. About 30% per month is recovered,” said Kirill Skuratov, commercial Director of “Ural airlines”.

In July, will begin to fly to the CIS, to August 1, promises to open a European direction. But while for the Russian tourists the black sea coast: Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Crimea open the holiday season.

From the quarantine are restaurants open summer terrace. Crimean health resorts are beginning treatments. Today only accept residents of the Peninsula, but in two weeks will open the door for everyone.

a month ago it was hard to believe that the statistics of cases of coronavirus bogey rapid growth. And if not the doctor, returning to civilian life would be impossible. Their contribution to the fight against COVID-19 appreciated at the highest level. The chief doctor of the 15-th city hospital of Moscow Valery Vechorko awarded the State prize.

– How did you react to the news?

– did not expect. For me it’s kind of a joke, a hoax. What were the feelings? Pride, perhaps, relevance. We did everything possible in order to save lives, to help patients, not to fail to show that the profession of doctor is very important — admitted Vechorko.

This episode we filmed in mid — may- the peak of prevalenceanemia infection. Valery Vechorko go to the hospital. Protective suit, respirator, goggles. Gloves at the junction wrapped with tape, glue mask. Dress like anyone who enters the “red zone”. In those days the hospital 15-th city hospital worked to the limit: 1618 patients — severe and very severe. Intensive care full. In the irradiators is still day and night to urgently operate davidnyc patients.

“We have not won yet coronavirus, but, at least, learned to stand up to him. It will all depend not only from medical professionals but also from our society, how it is configured. Our people should clearly understand that the measures of self-defense has not been canceled,” — said Valery Vechorko.

what happened to the capital in early may, gradually moved to the regions. In Dagestan — one of the largest outbreaks of coronavirus, more than 6 thousand patients. To the aid of colleagues flew to Moscow doctors. In Makhachkala, they spent 24 days.

“We’re leaving here, knowing that the number of illnesses and hospitalizations in the country is decreasing. Is reduced dramatically. Most of the hospitals that have been redeveloped, returning to civilian life,” said Denis Protsenko, head doctor of the 40th hospital of Moscow.

Another team of doctors from the capital works in the Vladimir region, where the situation is also complicated — just a few foci of disease. We arrive in Murom — a city that is still not out of the quarantine.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky men’s monastery — the oldest Orthodox monastery of Rus. The temple is open, services are held. But it’s so empty here have not had. Normally thousands of pilgrims come to venerate the Holy relics. Because of the coronavirus group visits cancelled. Only the rare parishioner is found in the Church yard.

Moore was left without a rolls. In the Museum, where not only told the story of the ancient city, but also offered to bake gingerbread or muromskiy Kalach, tourists do not yet.

“We honestly follow the regime of self-isolation. Exclusively for you, today opened doors. Would call a little early, we would get the rolls baked under cover, and it has already missed the work,” admits the tour guide Natalia Chernysheva.

It’s like two parallel worlds: stark, the life and the struggle for life in Covina Department of the 3rd city hospital. Designed for 35 seats, it gets jam-Packed. In intensive care to 12 people. On a ventilator — 10. Colleagues from Moscow for each of the recommendations.

the Moscow doctors have more experience in the treatment of patients davidnyc, because the main blow fell on the capital. But how to implement their advice, when there is not enough diagnostic equipment?

This is a concern to regional authorities, but she obviously did not care. Still in the hospital is desperately short of doctors. The entire city — and two respiratory. In Covina office no. While “closing the gaps” of the Moscow doctor.

Zabaykalsky Krai for the second week running the chief doctor of the 52-th Moscow hospital Maryana Lysenko. Notes to self: here the epidemic develops differently, than in Moscow. “The virus is less aggressive, in terms of clinical forms,” she said.

Regional colleagues they offer new methods of diagnostics and treatment of viral pneumonia — what they themselves have worked in practice in the Metropolitan hospital. “We completely changed the approach to resuscitation care. Tried not to bring the patient to an invasive artificial ventilation, to do different other techniques,” — said Maryana Lysenko.

In Russia, more and more davidnyc hospitals to return to routine medicine.

It can get out of bed and take a few steps. Before surgery could not. At the end of March Olga Zhuravleva told to wait. COVID-19 ousted from the offices of the 31-th Moscow hospital planned patients.

More recently, it was a “red zone". Today — just resuscitation. The doctor set the machine dialysis — the patient has liver cirrhosis, renal failure.

“We already went on a peaceful rail and began to take ill, as I received, if I may say, in the “pre-war” time. The hospital returned to normal operation”, — said Mikhail Shiryaev, head of the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care №2 city clinical hospital No. 31.

it is not easy — the brain: computed tomography changed the image. In the clinic of nervous diseases sechenovskiy University also worked with viral pneumonia. 1 may take the first infected patient. 3 Jun wrote last. “All the doctors who were able to return to the planned patients, exhaled with relief,” say here.

sighed With relief athletes and fans. Coronavirus after a pause at Russian stadiums has returned to football. 19 Jun played “wings of the Soviets” and “Ahmad”. 20th — St. Petersburg “Zenit” with the Moscow club “CSKA”. Final score 4:0. But even the players themselves admit that the doctors won in the struggle for life. In their honor, the sound of the final applause and the thunderous “thank you.”

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