In Russia plan to increase old age pensions

Russia plans to increase the size of old-age pension for unemployed pensioners. This is stated in the draft of the basic characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia in 2021 and 2022-2023 for the planning years.

according to the document size insurance old-age pension next year could reach 17 432 of the ruble, in 2022 — 18 357 rubles in 2023 — 19 283 rubles. The size of the social pension in 2021 will be 10 044 rubles in 2022 — 10 of 338 rubles, 2023 — 10 697 rubles. As reported TASS, the Russian subsistence minimum of a pensioner in 2021 could be 9 498 rubles, 2022 — 9 840 rubles, 2023 — 10 193 rubles.

According to the labor Ministry, last year the size of old-age pensions increased by 1.1 thousand rubles and amounted to 15.5 thousand rubles at year-end.

Mandatory indexation of pensions and benefits will be enshrined in the amended Constitution of Russia. According to President Vladimir Putin, the increase in payments it is necessary to fix in the basic law that there was no way not to.