In Russia produced the first and most powerful drug from COVID-19

Russia successfully launched the first and most powerful at this point drug for the treatment of coronavirus. Complex process of production of the domestic laboratory was able to establish in just two months. Sent to hospital experienced party has already proved its effectiveness. Taking the drug patients recovered twice as fast. That changes the “Aviewer” and when it will become available for all who desperately need it?

Two weeks complex chemical reactions – and she’s ready is a substance for the preparation of coronavirus. This is the substance of the bet, because among the hundreds of drugs that are tested in China were found to be effective only one – the Japanese “Favipiravir”. Buy neither the drug nor the raw materials did not possible for any country in the world. Private equity Fund found in Russia laboratory, which for 2 months has developed a manufacturing process. Full cycle and from local raw materials.

a pilot batch of Russian “Favipiravir” released in late April. After the security check was sent for a clinical trial at the hospital. 40 patients of moderate severity received an experimental recipe. Effect medications the doctors confirmed.

“This drug is very effective in patients whom we “catch” a mild degree of the disease. Is a regression of symptoms and size of the pneumonia,” said Nikita Lomakin, the chief cardiologist of the Central clinical hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Russian Federation.

Olga Sorokina, one of the first who agreed to take “Avidavit”. He came to the hospital with a temperature of 40 and pneumonia. “From the first day I began to give this drug on the third day got better. I trusted the doctors and not particularly worried about the fact that they take unregistered medicine”, — said Olga.

On the third day the temperature most patients returning to normal. On the fifth test — negative.

“Compared to American “Redisovered”, which reduces the average duration of the disease from 15 days to 11, we see that we in 2 times reduced the duration of the disease when using the “Favipiravir”. This is indeed a unique drug, and it has much less toxicity on the heart system, on the kidneys,” said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Russian direct investment Fund.

here are produced the first large batch of Russian drug “Avidavit”. These pills will use in the second phase of clinical trials. Medications will be sent to 30 hospitals in 9 regions of the country. A new drug will take another 270 patients. The doctors determine optimal dosage.

“Drugs of this type prevent sharing the virus inside the cell. This does not mean that massively kill cells that inhibits the multiplication of virus in the body,” explained Andrey Ivashchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Chemrar”.

the Clinical study will end in two weeks, but mass production is already running.

“there Will be three countries that have powerful drugs against the coronavirus: Russia, Japan and the United States. It is very important that thanks to the joint activities with the Ministry of health we were able to produce and approve this drug,” — said Kirill Dmitriev.

In the infectious diseases hospital “Aviewer” will arrive in June.