In Russia the goods for the trekking turned out to be a bestseller

In June last year the revenue exceeded the company’s only selling goods for active rest and tourism, for repair. In General, small and medium business has recovered only partially after quarantine restrictions: in June, the entrepreneurs have earned 26% less than last year, estimated the it company “Motor”, the operator of more than 650 thousand of online banks in Russia.

In June the revenue of the stores of equipment for active leisure activities has reached the level of last year, and in may was 22% lower than last year. Plumbing supply stores have earned only 1% less than in 2019 (in may and 33% less), stores lighting — lost 6% of the proceeds from last year’s level (in may exceeded last year level by 1%).

But compared to the revenues of small and medium enterprises trade and service sector increased in June 2020 by 40%.

To rescue business affected by the reduction of expenses of Russians and remaining limitations of the new sanitary conditions in the country now is still not working almost a quarter of retail outlets.

the Shoe Stores in June, earned 32% less than last year, but partially recovered in may revenue was 67% lower than last year. Clothing stores in June fell short of 35% of last year’s turnover (may ― 69%), the lingerie stores ― 43% (may — 75%), jewellery ― 35% (may ― 61%). Floral shops in June, reported revenues 24% less compared to last year (in may ― 47%), optics ― 33% (in may ― 60%).

are Losing revenue and shopping: in June received 27% less than last year (in may and 29%). Pet shops lost 29% of revenue last year (in may and 24%), tobacco shop ― 25% (may ― 27%), beer stores 17% (in may ― 16%), specialized food stalls ― 6% (in may ― 12%), non-network pharmacies ― 7% (in may — 13%).


the service Sectorostanavlivaetsa uneven. Although in many regions of beauty salons have reopened by the beginning of summer: revenue fell in June compared with June last year, 42% (may ― 71%), dental clinics, 24% (may ― 53%), service stations — 21% (in may — 47%).

spas have not earned in June in full – their sales are 81% less than last year (in may and 87%), sports centers — 72% (in may, 84%).

Tourist industry

With the beginning of the season of the tourism industry began to gain momentum. Mini-hotel in June was less than last year 55% of revenues (may ― 69%), travel agencies ― 72% (in may and 87%), museums at 89% (in may, 94%).

“How many businesses survive until autumn, largely depends on the effectiveness of the implementation of measures of state support of entrepreneurs”, — said General Director of it company “Motor” Andrey Romanenko. The level of openness of the economy of regions of Russia in June increased to 93.8% from dekorativnogo values, estimated by the Ministry of economic development. This means that about 6% of jobs in Russia remain under restrictions.

In late April, economy of regions were maximally closed: almost 28% of jobs in the country were subject to restrictions.

the Index is calculated from April of this year, when a quarantine was imposed and takes into account workers in sectors of the economy that are not under restriction to the total number of the economically active population of the region. Russian regions have begun to gradually remove the restrictions in may under the coordination of the government. Regional leaders are responsible for making decisions about the removal of restrictions or an extension with the situation.