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In Russia – the new restrictions on the import of RHD cars

In Russia - the new restrictions on the import of RHD cars

the Right wheel to rise: from July 1, entered into force new restrictions on the import into Russia of certain types of right-hand drive cars. Under the full ban buses, vans and construction equipment. Cars import to Russia is still possible, however, they greatly complicate the procedure of customs clearance.

far Eastern dealers in the near future will probably have to adjust the profile of: from the beginning of July, entered into force GOST, toughening the requirements for the importation of right-hand technique. Some categories are now outlawed. Dump trucks, cranes, trucks, in a word, special equipment, and buses and minibuses with number of seats more than eight import into Russia is prohibited. These measures are justified, according to the state Duma. And give strong arguments.

“Polusutochnyi excavator or a bus that transported dozens of people very often get into accidents. Of course, this is unacceptable, and to put them into operation it is impossible. If people want to engage in such business please, seek opportunities, find any other ways to purchase high-quality equipment,” — said the Deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Starshinov.

the Changes will affect cars and RHD cars. We are talking about popular Japanese models, which can be in excess to meet in the far East. The price is usually gentle. It was planned that now these machines will be undergoing further examination, and a certificate of compliance will issue in accredited laboratories. Experts believe this is a logical requirement. Because the Japanese auto industry is not always successfully entered into the Russian reality.

“because they Have lights, for example, is absolutely not to Shine. This is very serious from the point of view of security. They have luminous flux aimed in the other direction. Of course, all this needs to be redone,” — emphasizes the General Director of the inspection of vehicles Viktor of Basic.

a Big concern among experts, previously called the quality of the examination. Many remember the scandal that broke in 2016, when the Maritime region opened a Grand fraudulent scheme: formally employed firm OOO “Vertikal” issued false certificates of security. From the actions of the office affected hundreds of motorists. This story told by our colleagues from the program “Investigation of Eduard Petrov”.

“it Was established that the participant of foreign trade activities OOO “Vertikal” presented to the customs authorities of counterfeit certificates. Excited several criminal cases. Considered order 652 fake evidence”. – said the Prosecutor of the Primorsky territory Sergey Beschasny.

After the scandal, the monitoring of accredited laboratories has increased. Under the new rules to issue a certificate of security for the mobile agents is prohibited. “The new GOST, which will enter into force, this procedure eliminates. All can be carried out only within the walls of the laboratory. We are required to provide the vehicle, we conduct a comprehensive test. With the introduction of validation rules Japanese cars in accredited laboratories finally in the past will go away and the so-called “cuts” — sure automotive expert Denis Maksimenko.

experts are sure that the new restrictions will achieve, if not final victory, then the strongest impact on this business. The problem with “cuts” has long been a headache for law enforcement and a deadly toy for car owners. Under the guise of quality of Japanese cars sold a kind of designers assembled from several cars. Before the import into Russia of a foreign car was cut into fragments, this scrap came into the country under the guise of spare parts that was delivered the merchants from the high taxes, and after crossing the border in garages artisanal car collected the car like a puzzle. In this form, and sold reanimdesigned a machine that previously managed without any problems to put on the record. Inexpensive and… dangerous!

to Survive a crash with the “designer” is almost impossible. Experts hope that to register such a creation after entering the restrictive measures and a full examination would be impossible. It will be difficult to register the car, which was restored after a serious accident, and thus could modify the design.

it’s No secret that very often the cars that were imported from Japan, damaged. There are cars that are very badly damaged. It is obvious that the new restrictions will close the channel of delivery of old used equipment from abroad — that after the restoration has added luster. As regards transport, which had to be imported before 1 July, the new regulation will not touch him.

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