In Russia there home 3D printing factory things

At the National research technological University “MISIS” developed the technology of printing on 3D printers to create at home products factory quality.

the New technology increases the strength of the product several times, it follows from the results of the study published in Rapid Prototyping Journal.

it’s All about temperature. Scientists picked the best temperature conditions at the boundary between the layers of the part made for improving the structure and strength of the components of polymer products. So there is no need for bulky industrial equipment.

This is not the first experience of “MIS” in the production of goods using 3D printers. In 2016 the student Misa has developed a model of shoes with “air conditioning” in. Sneakers with the cooling device was completely manufactured using 3D printing. “Upon receipt of a signal from a user’s smartphone to the fan is powered and it starts to work, cooling shoes,” explained the Institute.