In Russia will be indexed pension Trustees and Trustees of minors

In Russia from July 1 will begin to index payments to pensioners-to the guardians of minors. This act was passed by the Parliament in March on the initiative of the speaker of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin, head of fraction “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, and first Deputy Chairman of the faction Andrei Isayev.

Previously, this category of pensioners received a reward of about three-four thousand rubles and that fall into the category of working pensioners. Because of this, in turn, they are not indexed pensions.

the costs of the Pension Fund of Russia on the resumption of the indexation of benefits until the end of the year amounted to 720 million rubles, reports RIA Novosti. Lists of retired guardians otdeleniya PFR actualize until June 15. Until June 24 will be formed of the necessary delivery documents to the post and credit institutions.

Also as of July 1 will be restored indexation of pensions to working pensioners who have completed work, according to “Izvestia”. Such citizens will make the recalculation of pensions taking into account all missed the planned indexation. Will appear two new benefits: Supplement for age 75 years and installment loan payments, if the income of pensioners less than two minimum wages (24300 roubles).