In Ryazan started the first day of

near Ryazan started the all-Russian stage of the international military competition “Aviadarts”. At the airfield Diaghilev took place today, the flight part of the competition program. It was the most spectacular. In the sky up 15 aircraft and the same number of helicopters. Note that the competition this year, held behind closed doors, without the presence of spectators. It is reported by the GTRK “Oka”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

First on the runway came out of the aircraft, including the su-30, su-35 and su-25. They rapidly rose to the heights, and the noise of the turbines drowned out everything around. To disperse these fighters is enough for about 500 meters and to get off the ground in just 13 seconds.

the Best pilots from various military districts of the country competed in the art of piloting and aerial navigation. They demonstrated maneuvers: turn, slide, battle turn, oblique loop and proprietorof. All the tasks were performed in pairs.

“under the navigation we had to go in the allotted time to the desired reference point and strictly on location. Such guidelines we had five,” says a senior pilot of su-25 Arshad.

the Judges were to evaluate how the crew survived the marching order in the air, the exact route and how well executed maneuvers. As noted by the pilots to navigate in the sky over Ryazan oblast znachitelno easier than in other subjects of the Russian Federation.

“There are a lot of landmarks. Thanks to the area very visible settlements, the clearing of the forest. The most typical are rivers and small lakes”, — said the participant of the competition, the pilot of the su-25 Evgeny Smirnov.

Next aircraft on the runway was replaced by 13 helicopters, including Mi-8 multipurpose, UDAblack “alligator” Ka-52 and even the heavy transport Mi-26 (the “Aviadarts” they are responsible for fire safety). Mi-26 will also be working on the ground in Dubrovica when to start the fighting stage of the competition – defeat targets with missiles, bombs and guns.

Text: GTRK “Oka”