In Rzhev kindergartners was taken on a trip to the grocery store

In Rzhev the kindergarten took on an unusual trip. The children were asked to find a selection at your local grocery store.

About a social network “Vkontakte” wrote the Department of education administration of the city of Rzhev. On a study trip to the supermarket “Magnet” kids drove 15 Jan. The post notes that store employees kindly met kids and in an accessible form gave them an interesting tour of the groceries. On the attached photos show how kindergarten students are exploring the shelves with children’s goods and milk assortment, shelves with fruits and vegetables, the kids also watched the work of the cashier.

Such an unusual excursion did not remain without attention of users of social networks. Many felt that the walk to the store — not the best pastime for children.

Head of the Department of education of the city of Rzhev Irina Inozemtseva said of the situation. According to her, she doesn’t understand such reaction, because it all turned on its head. Inozemtsev said that children visited the shop in the framework of the preschool organizations, which includes visits to social sites with the goal of increasing their knowledge of the professions. The representative of Department has noted that kindergarten students are thus acquainted with the surrounding world, RIA Novosti reported. To the store they also visited a Barber shop, post office. Such tours are conducted for free, also, the kids love these walks. “And ask questions, and do not want to leave,” said Irina Inozemtseva.

Earlier it was reported that blockade of Leningrad Museum organized an excursion for pupils of one of children’s homes.