In Samara festival

Samara festival “Rock nad volgoy” changing pad. Because of the pandemic, the coronavirus this year it will be a “Rock on the Volga”. The letter “D” respectful will close with a protective mask.

the Festival will be held June 28 and not at the stadium or field, and on the water surface of the Volga. Today it became known that the expected online performance of “spleen” and “Bi-2”, repeatedly giving concerts on the air of TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”. Leading rock concert the permanent leader of the group “Auktyon” Oleg Garkusha.

As told GTRK “Samara” in the organizing Committee of the festival, the online broadcast of the event scheduled for 19 hours. The format of the real presence it will be possible to watch the performers, and spectators from every corner of the world. The latter needs to obtain virtual tickets and connect to the video feed. The stage with large screen mounts on the barge drifting on the Volga.

for three hours completely for free you can enjoy your favorite performers. The organizers of the rock festival went on the format of the concert, not to carry it on next year. “We knew that thousands of music lovers waited for the return of a beloved festival, and we can’t let them down. Modern uncertainty in which we find ourselves, a chance to learn how to deal with difficulties and to search for new forms”, according to the organizing Committee.

Text: GTRK “Samara”