In Samara will be five new metro stations

In Samara should appear 5 new metro stations, an updated development plan of the subway of the regional capital published on the website “”, where there are documents of architectural and building orientation.

According to the document, to build the facility plan from 2025 to 2038 years. In particular, the experts plan to build a second metro line from the Frunze bridge to the Central bus station. 5 metro needs to be running until 2028, reports GTRK “Samara”.

the Branch will stretch from the station “Bread” promising plants “Orel”, “18 km”( at the intersection of the Volga and the Moscow highway). The plan also notes the need for construction of a new site of underground from station “Moskovskaya” to the promising “12 stations”, which will be located in the village of Sotsgorod crossing the river Samara.

Text: GTRK “Samara”