In Saratov the student shot the car, not propolisul it on the turn

Saratov road conflict ended in gunfire. The driver of one of the cars got pissed that he missed on the turn, and began to pursue the “offender”. Having caught up with the car, which drove family with a child, the man opened the window and fired several shots at the car, reports the Department of internal Affairs across the Saratov region.

“Look in the side mirror, a window tinted out the hand with the gun and shoots” — said Dmitry Sudarkin the victim in the story, published on the website of the Central Board of “Vkontakte”.

fortunately, the fire injured no one got it. However, riding in the car after the incident, the woman felt ill, she needed the help of doctors.

Arrived at the emergency police have established that the weapons used by the student of one of universities of Saratov. The man was detained under article “Small hooliganism” the code of administrative offences. As a result the court has appointed to it punishment in the form of administrative arrest.