In several regions of Russia have been prohibited parties

Parties and celebrations, despite the restrictions, arranged in several regions of Russia. In the Altai, for example, very rapidly decided to celebrate the start of the tourist season. And in St. Petersburg again excelled Rubinstein street — the heart of night festivities.

Popular music, hot body, cheers. Hundreds, according to others, at least a thousand people having fun in the bar “Altai mountains” on the shores of lake Aya. In the region still prohibited events. And in your Instagram reports that allow only visitors in masks. But alas, the footage shows that the mask no one wears, the distance does not comply. People celebrate the beginning of the tourist season, the feeling that the requirements of CPS, no one heard.

therapist Kateryna Zaika said: “the Moment of imaginary well-being. Like you made it, summer, the sun is shining. But we, doctors, know that all is not over, the security measures must be respected”.

And this is Petersburg — Kremenchugskaya street, recently became a major food in the city. Quarantine is not violated tradition, it is known that the St. Petersburg revelers not afraid of anything. On the night of 5 July there was another Orgy. The footage, shot from Five angles, the youth on the street without masks, without trying to keep your distance. The pile of debris. Entertain the audience quiets the riot.

Lawyers say — in their practice there were cases when during the quarantine to administrative responsibility attracted owners of hair salons or fitness clubs. If the mass event is held inside the club, the owner may pay the fine of 300 thousand rubles.

Lawyer Alexander Sirotkin said: “If this event is for unlimited number of individuals, and there can be provided, for example, sell alcohol, it is the responsibility of the organizer. And if someone had rented for a private party rental hall, alcohol is not sold — no liability BUchildren”.

don’t ask How many doctors, how many people do not share in the social networks of their terrible histories, many continue to light. They are not afraid to get sick themselves or infect their elderly parents. COVID for private parties and corporate events collected hundreds

One of the most popular leading to the banks of the Neva — Leonid Petrov. Leads corporate in the form of Peter or Philip Kirkorov. He was invited to conduct a clandestine corporate events in April and may. Banquets became less, but not by much. Leonid Petrov refused all proposals.

People behave like teenagers who smoke on the porch of the school and are happy that the deceived teachers. Here’s another recent party in Kaliningrad, right in front of the administration building.

the Results of these parties fail doctors. And often these unpleasant results.