In Siberia has invented a way to burn environmentally friendly oil products

Scientists from the Institute of Thermophysics of Siberian branch of RAS has developed a new burner allowing to burn the oil with minimal damage to the environment. It can be used for space heating and the elimination of harmful waste. Unparalleled new technology in the world.

the Main innovation of the approach consists that in the combustion zone serves superheated steam jet temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. This increases the temperature of combustion at hundreds of degrees, so the products of thermal decomposition of the fuel to evaporate and burn more efficiently than under normal conditions. In particular, it produces less carbon monoxide and virtually no soot. Also produces a minimal amount of harmful to the ecology of nitrogen oxides.

Note that the burner does not require external devices and power sources. All you need is flow to the system water.

Technology is suitable for the elimination of waste motor oil, lubricating fluids, oil sludge, off-spec fuel and crude oil. You can also use it when burning fuel oil, which is traditionally used for heating.

a Research team headed by Igor Anufriev, winner of “Energy of youth” for 2014 of the Association “global energy”. That is allocated by the funding organization has helped scientists to work on the project.

By the way, thanks to the work of Anufriev has recently defended his doctoral dissertation. It is noteworthy that his supervisor was laureate of the prize “global energy”-2018, academician Sergei Alekseenko.

“the New device conforms to the most stringent environmental regulations, for example, the European standard EN 267: the carbon monoxide in the combustion products up to 50 milligrams per kilowatt-hour for nitrogen oxides is less than 90 milligrams per kilowatt-hour. Compared with the method of burning in the air the technology of steam gasification allows to reduce by 30% the production of nitrogen oxides at high fullness combustion fuel”, — said Alekseenko.

In the near future, scientists plan to bring the device to market.

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Text: To.Science