In Slovenia, the unknown burned a wooden statue of Donald trump

In Slovenia, unknown persons set fire to a wooden sculpture depicting U.S. President Donald trump. The incident occurred in the night from 8 to 9 January.

according to the Associated Press, the sculpture was in the city Moravce. Its height was nearly eight meters. A wooden monument was copied Donald trump’s signature haircut, blue suit, white shirt and red tie. The right hand of the American President, clenched, were raised up. When triggered the mechanism inside the statue opened his mouth, which showed his teeth, like a shark. According to the Creator of the sculpture of ridicule, it symbolized the two faces of politics — one good and the other bad.

the Monument was presented in August 2019. It quickly became a tourist attraction. However, some locals were unhappy with his appearance, promising to burn the sculpture even for Halloween.

currently, police are searching for intruders.

In July 2019, in Slovenia where there is a statue of the wife of U.S. President Melania trump. Sculpture carved from a living tree. It depicts America’s first lady in a blue dress with a raised right hand.