In Sochi created Federal research center of subtropical cultures

In Sochi has created a Federal research center by the merging of two institutions of RAS. All-Russian scientific research Institute of floriculture and subtropical cultures merged with the Sochi research center. The joint work of two research schools should give new knowledge and technologies.

the Sochi scientists put in country to begin the cultivation of tea, citrus, persimmon, and hazelnut. And the abundance and diversity of palm trees, ornamental flowers and plants has enabled the resort to take its unmistakable appearance.

As reported “Vesti Sochi” at the end of the 19th century, scientists began experiments with plants of the resort. So, the famous breeder Fedor Zorin in the mid-20th century made the discovery on one crown the scientist was able to collect 45 kinds of varieties of citrus.

Interest in pelargonium, in common geranium, emerged in the early 21st century. The Institute began collecting the bright colors of this flower from around the world. Then began to withdraw their own culture. Currently experimenting with flavors.

the new Center cherish the traditions of the old school. Now scientists are reviving tea industry. It should be part of the tourism sector.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”