In some regions introduced a state of emergency

a state of emergency introduced in several regions of the country due to forest fires or high risk of their occurrence. In particular, the emergency mode introduced in three districts of the Magadan region, where the cause of fires steel storm.

we are Talking about Omsukchan, Srednekansky, and Khasynsky areas, according to the regional government. A large number of forest fires due to anomalous thunderstorm activity that started on 16 June. Due to the very high temperatures a large part of the storms is rain, which causes forest fires.

For the last 10 days in the Magadan region was 65 thunderstorms, including 45 without rain. Now the staff of seven Avialesookhrana extinguish forest fires in Srednekanskiy, ten, Khasynsky and yagodninsky urban districts. Braising is complicated by hot weather and strong gusty winds.

According to forecasts of weather forecasters, rains in the coming week is not expected. On the territory of regions where introduced a special fire-prevention mode is prohibited campfires, the burning of garbage and dry grass, all kinds of fire works.

a state of emergency because of the high fire danger in the forests and entered the Evenk and motyginsky districts in the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory. About it, transfers TASS, said on Saturday the regional Agency for civil defense and emergencies. One of the reasons was the dry and windy weather. Residents are recommended not to visit the forest and local authorities to strengthen control over fire safety measures.

In Primorye, a state of emergency municipal character introduced in Kavalerovsky area — there is a reason, by contrast, are heavy rains and flooding of rivers. In the area came from the banks of the river Mirror, Kavalerovo, Vysokogorsky and Partisan, washed out and damaged bridges, flooded roads and the basements of the houses.