In South Korea hospitalized Chinese, infected with viral pneumonia

In the Republic of Korea recorded the first case of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus, reports TASS.

As reported in the national Center of control and prevention of disease, 8 January, was hospitalized 36-year-old citizen of China who arrived in South Korea. It is known that 13 to 17 December last year the woman was in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The patient is isolated, it is under medical supervision.

As reported, the outbreak of an unknown disease in Wuhan city, was recorded at the end of December last year. January 5, authorities informed that the number of cases of unknown pneumonia in the city has increased to 59 people, 163 were quarantined.

Most cases of infection have been associated with the seafood market, it is now closed. Most often patients complain of fever, some breathing problems. In some cases, the disease affects the lungs. Another 38 cases of infection were reported in Hong Kong and one in Singapore.

meanwhile, Chinese doctors discovered a new strain of coronavirus that caused the disease, whose symptoms are similar to symptoms of pneumonia: fever,
swelling of the throat and coughing. However, clear indications that the disease is transmitted from person to person, no. According to preliminary data, cases could have been infected, through contact with animals and raw seafood.