In South Korea recorded the second case of the novel coronavirus

South Korea announced the second confirmed case of coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

According to the Korean center for control and prevention of disease in man, who arrived in Incheon international airport, several days ago symptoms appeared of the disease. Chinese test for coronavirus was positive.

Earlier media reported about one ill a new type of coronavirus in South Korea.

as of 00:00 hours Friday, January 24, the number of cases by 2019 coronavirus-nCoV in China has reached 830 people, 25 people died. Give such information of mass media of China, referring to the official data of the authorities.

In recent days, the number of cases in China increased by 259 people, the number who died from disease for eight people.

Outbreak of pneumonia was registered in Wuhan city (Hubei province, China) in December 2019, reminds Agency “Interfax”. Later, scientists reported that the cause of the disease was a previously unknown form of coronavirus. Initial conclusion the virus is not transmitted from person to person, was later refuted, and the disease transferred to the category of infectious.