In Spain have arrested a Russian model, who accused football player of rape

Louisa kremleva, one of the leading Russian-Spanish models, which is in the Top 30 most beautiful women in the modeling business, arrested in Spain. She accused the footballer Theo Hernandez of sexual violence, but law enforcement officers detained the girl for slander and false testimony.

the Story happened two and a half years ago, when, during the summer break in the championship Hernandez who is a citizen of Spain and France met Kremleva and they spent a romantic evening together. After that, the model has accused football player of rape and beatings in the Parking lot of a night club Olivia Valère in Marbella.

However, at trial it was established that the facts of aggression on the part of Hernandez was not. The video from the Parking lot shows that the pair communicates quite gently and, in addition, according to Spanish newspaper Marca, after the alleged act of violence the player and kremleva together quietly returned to the disco

the First lawsuit women was closed, and then to the court was rejected the appeal of lawyers of Kremleva in January 2019. Now, the court filed a case against the model for libel and perjury against the former player of Madrid “Atletiko” and “real” acting for the Italian “Milan”.

According to the girl, Hernandez was drugged, but in the blood of Kremleva they were not found, and gynecologists, though confirmed that the couple had sex, but the player didn’t deny claiming that it happened by mutual consent. The former plaintiff now itself threatened with prison.