In St. Petersburg hosted the traditional festival of school leavers

the Traditional festival of school leavers “Scarlet sails” was held in Saint-Petersburg in the broadcast mode. This year it was the final event of the national prom.

every year, the feast of the graduates in the Northern capital is visited by over 1 million people. For the first time the feast of “Scarlet sails” was organized for students of Leningrad in 1968. Then, the tradition was interrupted and resumed again in 2005 with the support of St. Petersburg administration. This year with the aim of ensuring the epidemic safety of residents, it was decided to hold the graduation without spectators, reports TASS.

the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov traditionally addressed the graduates with parting words and wished them happiness and Recalling the words of the writer Alexander green: “the Truth is, to do wonders with your hands.”

this year, the holiday scenario was devoted to the work of the author of the novel “Scarlet sails”, a writer Alexander grin, in honor of the 140th anniversary of his birth. Director Vasily Barkhatov became a script writer and producer of the concert part of the view.

the route of the brig “Russia” under the scarlet sails was at this time unusual: for the first time the brig was not the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, appearing on the background of bright colorful fireworks and pyrotechnic show. At the same time on a specially designed stage was a concert of Russian performers, such as Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, Rasa, rapper ST, IOWA and others.

all the holiday “Scarlet sails” was broadcast on “the Fifth channel” and all Federal channels showed it to climax.