In St. Petersburg launched a scientific forum

In Saint-Petersburg on the basis of the Mining University started the international scientific forum “Topical issues of subsoil use”. Despite the pandemic, this year was a record number of participants and applications 180 universities around the world. Online reports can cause a great debate in scientific circles.

In the corridors of the St. Petersburg mining University is quiet and deserted, but the silence is deceptive. For each of the doors now comes the hard work. In connection with the Mountain — thousands of scientists from around the world. Habitually crowded, traditional forum attracted a record number of participants online over three days your design are going to show about a thousand young scientists.

“This conference is a very important event in the world of science. Of course, I’m upset that this year could not come, but nevertheless we stay in touch with my colleagues from Russia and conduct effective work”, — said the graduate of the Mining University Alexandros Evangelatos (Leoben, Austria).

Colleagues, of course, upset, because an important part of such events — behind the scenes talks and informal discussion of projects during the coffee breaks. This year a hot drink everyone is drinking at home, but the quality of work is not affected. For example, a student from London told how to make more efficient coal extraction.

“My research focuses on the prediction of accidents to coal deposits. As we know, coal is extracted at all depths, we are forced to work in increasingly difficult conditions. My goal is to facilitate this work”, — said the graduate of Imperial College (London, England) Harshit Agrawal.

Nearby, at the end of the wire, presentation of a Ph. D. project Mountain about how to increase the profitability of oil production.

“this task is necessary today, here and now. We need to increase the efficiency to reduce capital expenditures on oil production. The cheaper, the more we will be able to continue,” — said the postgraduate student of the Department of development and exploitation of oil and gas fields of the St. Petersburg mining University Andrey Maltsev.

the results of the best research will be published in the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, and then implemented. The Mining University say new ways of producing energy is itself not justified, while in the world less professionals who work with traditional energy sources — oil, coal and gas. The problem is recognized even by UNESCO.

“in Today’s world there is an acute shortage of qualified engineers and scientists. We need to collect a “critical mass” of such specialists, who together can solve the global problems of our world,” said the Director of the division of science policy and capacity building UNESCO Peggy oti-Boateng

Russian specialists in these industries — some of the best in the world and are ready to share the experience. Rector of the Mining University said — the era of secrecy and secrecy has passed — time to come together.

“the Goal of our event is to unite the efforts of universities, laboratories, large companies in order to Fund major disruptive technologies that really give the progress instead of the promises we often hear from the screens,” — said Vladimir Litvinenko.

Now, together with UNESCO, the University prepares for the opening of ten research centers that will unite the efforts of scientists around the world and will help to make a qualitative leap in mining.