In St. Petersburg, the blogger broke the Lamborghini that was supposed to be the prize

the Accident at 20 million. In St. Petersburg a well-known blogger broke an expensive sports car. The irony is that the young man played a super car between the subscribers and the weekend was to award the prize to the winner. The moment of road accident was caught on video.

Bursting into bitter tears, blogger under the name “demAs Bataysk” (passport — Dmitry Rudic) tells how he got into accident in the center of St. Petersburg on Candlestick lane. The time of the accident hit the lens of cameras. Uncontrolled intersection. Yellow Lamborghini moving in my lane. To the right it cuts the Renault Logan.

“the Driver — a woman born in 1995, driving a Renault Logan, collided with a Lamborghini under the control of the driver — men born in 1997. In the accident there were no injuries. Upon road accident an inspection is carried out”, — said the representatives of law enforcement agencies.

the Right side of the Italian sports car worth 20 million rubles badly crushed. The door might need to be replaced. Small glass chips on the pavement – all that was left from the passenger window. The cost of repair Lamborghini could reach the value of the whole Renault Logan second participant accident. Dented sports car to upset the young man. According to him, the second party of the accident — apparently with little experience of driving.

“How can you confuse the brake pedal and gas? Because there really, on the facts, she confused the brake with the gas. She doesn’t step on the brake, pressed the gas and accelerated even more”, — commented on the incident Dmitry Rudic.

the “Dimas Bataysk” by squeezing the gas pedal to the floor problem, apparently not. He regularly posts on the Internet video with their races on expensive sport cars. Speed sometimes prohibitive.

In October 2018, “demAs Bataysk” he is pushing in his style. Took in Moscow, rent the Mercedes business class and rushed it other in Bryansk. Numerous traffic violations recorded and, of course, laid out in a Network.

the Staff has noticed that their machine is far from Moscow, traced her on JPS tracker and immediately contacted the driver.

– To Bryansk and reached back to Moscow we go.
– Okay, but we have the right to retain the Deposit in full, because it is a breach of contract.
– Good. Agreed.
– be Careful, please. Do not exceed the speed and get back to Moscow.
– Thank you. Goodbye. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Back the machine “Dima Bataysk” with returned in a terrible state. A punctured tire, problems with the engine and transmission. Dmitry Rudic expenses. After all, the money from the 23 year old young man is. And considerable. Enough to periodically cut in Bali on motorcycles with the easily dressed girls. And fines, apparently, can not be afraid.

In the night of the accident in the center of St. Petersburg blogger, apparently, will avoid responsibility. According to records from a surveillance camera, he moved on the main road, a lady driver driving Logan had to miss it. It is a pity in this story is the third hero of a certain subscriber Dimas. The blogger made a drawing of an expensive car among the fans. And on Saturday, Dmitry was going to present it in Moscow. But it seems now the winner will be rewarded. Or non-integer time.