In St. Petersburg will allow food trucks

In St. Petersburg will allow food trucks and trade in perishable products in booths on the street. About it it is reported on the website of the administration.

In non-stationary trading objects, which will soon be added and a café-vans, mobile kitchen, their products will be able to realize producers of dairy products, fish, meat, bread, etc.

the Governor Alexander Beglov noted that the location of the mobile outlets in the streets of the Northern capital is more properly during the outbreak of coronavirus, when the excessive concentration of people in the stores is junk.

moreover, the terms of trade in production will be the producers themselves. The authorities hope that this measure will allow to reduce prices, create more jobs and help small and medium businesses to sell their products difficult period.

non-stationary trading objects is especially necessary in areas where there are few shops, said Aleksandr Beglov. The Governor instructed to include in the list available on newsstands products and vegetables and urged producers to comply with all required sanitary norms, to guarantee the product quality.

With food trucks will be allowed to sell “prepared foods industrial production and semi-finished products of high degree of readiness”.

Businesses that will sell perishable products, must keep it in the refrigerator. In addition, non-stationary retail facilities should not interfere with pedestrians and ruin the places where they are located.