FC Energie Cottbus fought in the relegation for promotion to the third division and once again for its reputation. After the defeat in the first leg (1:2), the champions of the Regionalliga Nordost had to win at Bayern to make their dream of promotion perfect. But the Brandenburgers failed in the relegation and also lost the second game. After the 2:0, SpVgg Unterhaching celebrated their return to the third division.

In the second half, some Cottbus supporters caused trouble. After an alleged wrong decision by referee Tobias Reichel, who whistled a free kick for Unterhaching in midfield, some Energie fans went nuts. They lit pyros and threw firecrackers and iron bars onto the lawn. The police immediately rushed to the square and marched in front of the Cottbus fan block. The police even used pepper spray against some fans who tried to storm onto the lawn.

Energie’s coach Claus-Dieter Wollitz and club president Sebastian Lemke ran across the pitch from the coach’s bench and tried to calm the angry fans. Meanwhile, Reichel interrupted the game. The players of both teams talked and watched the hustle and bustle in the stands. Reichel did not send the players into the cabin. They loosely matched balls back and forth to stay warm. “I almost don’t want to comment on that. When you’re called a dirty Ossi when you’re sitting up there. Again and again interruptions, again and again provocations,” said Lemke after the game. “It sucks up there, but how it happened is another matter.”

After a 16-minute break, Reichel released the game with a referee ball. The police officers stopped at the edge of the field in front of the Cottbus fan curve. The game ended peacefully. After the ascent, the Hachinger fans celebrated on the pitch.

Cottbus will also play in the Regionalliga Nordost in the coming season. In the coming season, the master does not have to play in the promotion games there, but rises directly.