In the Belarusian village the corpse of a guest of a few days,

In the Belarusian village Cheresse that near Vitebsk, the police found the body of 50-year-old man, who went to visit his friend and did not come home for several days.

the Eighth of January, the police asked the wife of a man, worried about his prolonged absence.

the police learned that he was last seen in the house of a villager, where there was rapid meal from December 30.

the corpse of the missing man was found in a chair at the holiday table. According to preliminary data, his death on the night of 6 January, said the official representative of the Vitebsk city Executive Committee Vitaly Sapronenko.

it Was established that between the host and the guest of the conflict occurred.

the Owner hit the guest over the head with a log. According to preliminary data, he died from closed cranial-a brain trauma.

However, the owner of the house, according to him, did not realize that the guest caused a fatal injury because he was wearing a hoodie.

Only a few days he realized that with the guest “is something wrong,” said Sapronenko.

concerning 53-the summer suspect criminal case is brought, to it threatens till 15 years of imprisonment, RIA Novosti reported.