In the Berlin of the Church of Jesus Christ held a unique accordion concert

on 19 January in Berlin within the framework of the international accordion festival PhilHARMONIKA (Filharmonika) will host an unusual concert “Europe in Zehlendorf”. This time, accordionists from around the world will speak in the Church, which is famous for its impressive acoustics of the Church of Jesus Christ in Dahlem (Zehlendorf district).

concert in the Church of Jesus Christ in Dahlem — a big event in the accordion world. The organizers report that this is the first recorded concert of accordion music in the Church. “Europe in Zehlendorf” is a meeting the best musicians from Russia, Lithuania, Scotland, Spain and Germany on German soil, in the best district of Berlin — Zehlendorf. In Dolaskom Church with 400 seats, it is rarely used for concerts. But thanks to the unique acoustics, it is constantly recording musical performances.

At the upcoming concert musicians of world size will present a varied programme, combining classic, contemporary music, jazz and elements of folk music.

the Famous composer accordionist, Professor Gorka HERMOSA with his trio Malandro Club (trumpet, double bass, accordion) will take listeners into the world of dreams and harmony. Bartkeviciute Egle from Lithuania will delight audiences with musical experimentation, as well as an elegant and emotional interpretations. Young talented Ryan Corbett (Ryan Corbett) from Scotland and Nikita Gestrich from Germany, unsurpassed accordionist Sergey Osokin from Russia (at present soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic) and “Maestro accordion” Yuri Shishkin promise to create in concert equally memorable moments.

the concert starts at 18:00. It will open the Russian by Yuri Shishkin, who will perform “a Religious prelude” by Gioachino Rossini. It was created by the composer shortly before his death, after a 30 year break in creativity. Rossini wrote the music for choir and physharmonika — Petite messe solinnelle (“Little solemn mass”). Songitor even joked about this, saying that “sinned in old age”, having in mind that changed Opera. This is certainly one of the most beautiful of his compositions are vocal music inside is a little oasis — solo fisarmonica. It is called “the Religious prelude”.

“I’m Sure the concert will be held at the highest level, — says Yuri Shishkin, honored artist of Russia. — He starts in b-flat major. It is in this key is “Prelude” by Gioachino Rossini from “the Little solemn mass”, which I will open a concert on the 19th of January.”

the Festival PhilHARMONIKА, which is always attended by the Russian Virtuosi, has become an integral part of the accordion scene. “Europe in Zehlendorf” — a concert of opening the festival. And end PhilHARMONIKA 16 may — the traditional gala-concert in the Berlin Philharmonic. It will be attended by the famous virtuoso accordionist from Moscow Sergey Osokin, who will play pieces solo and with orchestra.

the Key point of the festival will be the world premiere of Roberto Molinelli (Italy), Victor Vlasov (Ukraine) and Slides HERMOSA (Spain). For the first time will feature two new works of Viktor Vlasov for Bayan and chamber orchestra. They will be performed by outstanding Russian artists “Maestro accordion” Yuri Shishkin and his student, world champion (Junior category) Peter Marinenko. To accompanying the soloists is a Chamber orchestra from the composition of the Berliner Symphoniker.

“For me, every performance in Berlin is not only an honor, — said Yuri Shishkin. I come to this city always have a special feeling of anticipation of the joy of communion to the great culture and history. In the last two years, these feelings increased sense of pride: in Berlin every spring you can visit many favorite PhilHARMONIKA accordion festival, organized by the society Pantonalе”.