In the blood of Ephraim found traces of marijuana and cocaine

Blood actor Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident in the centre of Moscow, checked on the content of the drug. The source of RIA Novosti news Agency in law enforcement bodies has informed that in blood of the famous actor discovered their tracks. Namely canabile (found in marijuana) and cocaine. According to the source, some time after the last use of prohibited substances and their traces remain in the body.

“On the end result, in this accident, it hardly affected,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

on the Evening of 8 June, the opposition being behind the wheel of his jeep, drove into the oncoming lane on the Garden ring and crashed into the van Lada. The driver of a domestic car was seriously injured and died in hospital. Examination showed that Yefremov was driving in a drunken state, in his blood found at 2.1 ppm alcohol.

In fact the accident criminal case. If Ephraim is found guilty, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

Earlier, on 9 June it became known that the actor was taken to the police station for questioning.