In the Burdenko hospital spoke about the state of the first vaccinated volunteers

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital Oleg Chalaev reported that the status of volunteers who participate in trials of the vaccine against the new coronavirus, good, any complications or side effects.

He also noted that the soldiers who were introduced developed by the military physicians together with the Center of epidemiology of Gamaliel drug, are under constant surveillance, reports radio “Vesti FM”.

As previously reported, in Russia, the tests are multiple vaccines. In their creation involved sechenovskiy University and scientific center “Vector”.

the First group of volunteers had been vaccinated 18 June: 9 participants were introduced one component, and another 9-minute – second.

Then, on June 23 vaccinated another 20 volunteers. Since the vaccine was created with the participation of the Ministry of defense of Russia, volunteers are contract soldiers and civilians, including girls

Clinical research physicians plan to complete by the end of July.