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In the capital of the newly opened weekend markets

In the capital of the newly opened weekend markets

most of the restrictions related to the mers in Moscow will be removed by July 1, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. In the city hall note that the most critical period has passed, schedule the further opening of sectors promise to provide 8 June. And today in the capital have earned more than 80 fairs of the day. Even in the face of a pandemic arrived in Moscow farmers from 40 regions. Will have to work under the new rules.

Strawberry brought his, apricots, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, cabbage mine.

Fresh fruits and vegetables Marina Limonov was brought from Lipetsk. Like all these farmers, she spent two months sitting in isolation at home. The opening of Moscow fair for her was a complete surprise.

“We waited, of course, but it seems the 15th, not June 5. But glad we came now,” — says the seller of the Marina Limonov.

Delicious honey, meat, fish, milk, sweets — stalls crammed with fresh produce. In the capital was attended by about 2 thousand sellers from more than 40 regions. All merchandise is checked and meets all quality standards. Special attention is paid to the safety of sellers.

“We have created an environment that customers were safe. Distance from us, gloves, masks. So try to make it all right. Safety first” — says Natalya seller of Cicer.

in addition, all employees several times a day check the temperature. And the sellers themselves every two hours damp mopping their jobs.

“There are serious demands from the CPS. Is compliance with social distancing, two treatments of all surfaces and areas of the fair, special disinfectants,” explains Alexei nemeryuk, head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow.

the opening of the fair, looking forward to many Muscovites, who are used to be bought here on the weekends.

– Just happy! We have a district where it is difficult to shop. And shere everything is always fresh, I know all the sellers. Know who and what to buy. Very high quality products!

We waited a long time and are very pleased that the fair has opened!

in All, the city has opened 82 of the fair. They will work Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 21 PM.

the Entrance to the fair without protection is prohibited. But if the visitor has not, of course, no one expelled. On the table you have a bottle of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves. All this give to everyone absolutely free of charge.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”