In the capital seized tens of thousands of packages of illegal analogues of snus

the staff of the CPS during the raids seized 45 thousand packages of illegal analogues of snus. To trade the so-called chewing tobacco is not officially in 2015, however, the entrepreneurs bypass the ban.

appeared On the shelves of counterparts, where the tobacco is replaced with synthetic nicotine. They pumped scented sachets, lozenges, jellies — all to make this product most attractive to Teens.

each such piece of candy may contain a dose equivalent to three packs of tobacco. Cases of poisoning among minors was already done.

– please Explain, what is this product?
– Manager everything!
– You implement this product, what it is, can you explain?
Yesterday only it was possible to sell, no?
– What is it, what’s it called?
Is nicotine…
– What is nicotine?
– Beznikotinovye!

From the points where the revealed violations, the goods are seized. Their owners will have to pay a large fine.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”