In the capital visit organized underground hospital: where he was going to send children

prosecutors and the investigative Committee establish the identity of the parents of five children, of whom Tuesday, June 23, was found in an apartment in the North-East of the capital. The oldest of them is four months, the youngest was not yet weeks. With them were nurses, Chinese. According to one version, the usual three-pointer could be a base for smuggling abroad of children from surrogate mothers. Why questionable business did not suspect the neighbors? How do the children feel now?

Sleeping area in the North-East of Moscow. The shooting of the footage, as go out of the door police and child services. In the hands of every newborn — all five of them. Their age — from several days to several months. Kids found in an apartment without parents.

Police have taken the children to the hospital. There they will provide all necessary medical care. In the apartment, in which was discovered the babies continue to work with the staff of the Investigative Committee. They have to understand all the circumstances of this incident.

the Kids found a visiting nurse that came to check the baby. With him she saw four more. In the apartment — toys, diapers, baths. Investigators believe that here was the so-called shelter for surrogate mothers. Investigators found documents in Russian and Chinese.

“the apartment with the children were two adult females. Investigators of capital management of SK set of parents, children, and all the circumstances of the incident. The investigation is ongoing,” commented the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

With the children were women and baby from China. Maybe after they will be able to find the real parents of toddlers. The Concierge of the house told me that the apartment for three years, filmed the newcomers, but were quiet, and children’s crying during this time none of the neighbors never heard.

— of Them there are ten people lived. Maybe more. They had no beds and was the bench. They carried sticks and mattresses. About ten there was electric. I have one person so much.

a Neighbor in the stairwell could not imagine that the apartment was the underground hospital. She was familiar with only one girl, a student from China 20-25 years. A neighbor told me about it:

Three weeks ago we met her at the entrance. I saw that she has so many children to purchase. Since I am a mom myself, I noticed that she was carrying bundles of diapers, diapers, baby food. I was surprised because he had not seen her children.

newborns are Now in different clinics of the capital. Their lives and health is not in danger. Investigators and guardianship have to find a surrogate and adoptive parents kids.

“the Prosecutor’s office of the city of Moscow will monitor the observance of rights and legitimate interests of minors, as well as provide Supervisory support for the execution by the authorized bodies of the Federal legislation on minors in their future life”, — the head reported a press-services of Prosecutor’s office of Moscow Lyudmila Nefedova.

According to preliminary version, the adoptive parents are in China and can’t take children until closed borders.

Investigators have opened a criminal case on the fact of trafficking. Who will be indicted, yet an open question.