In the center of St. Petersburg staged a night of fun on the brink of a foul

glee is on the verge of a foul: night party, forgetting all restrictions, staged in the heart of St. Petersburg on Rubinstein street. People put on the sidewalk, he played loud music and were dancing, and when communicating with each other and then used foul language.

Police responded: both sides of the street blocked off trucks OMON, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”. Next on the Nevsky prospect was on duty crews of the patrol service, the dresses were asked to make music quieter and Park rules.

on Friday Evening, 3 July, seven police officers were injured trying to stop illegal music party in London. The incident occurred in the area of white city.

the Guards caused the inhabitants of neighboring houses, unhappy with the loud music and the aggressive behaviour of visitors of the party. Party members met law enforcement officers with a barrage of stones and bottles.

the Police had to retreat and call for reinforcements after arriving they went to re-assault. To disperse party guests was only in the night of Saturday.