In the Chelyabinsk region woke up to butterflies

In the Chelyabinsk region continue to Wake up the insects. Abnormal heat causes butterflies and spiders to think that spring has come, according to

a Resident of Kopeysk shared a photo of the new inhabitant of his apartment. 23 Jan in the room flew big butterfly – insect is atypical for the middle of winter. Also we recently wrote about how the South Urals noticed the impressive size of the spider on the ice of the river Miass. Many Internet users were surprised by how high temperature influenced the fauna. However, many have themselves witnessed such disasters:

– Cool in the winter, the butterflies fly. – 19 Jan this butterfly in the entrance met. – In my apartment, too, flies a butterfly. Miracles. – Nothing, today I saw a mosquito!

ladybugs and butterflies started to Wake up not only in the southern Urals, but in Moscow. Ahead of time also began to find ticks. Press Secretary of the Zoological Museum of Moscow state University told that this can really happen in the period of anomalous temperatures. Insects overwinter in the adult stage (adult insect), but they Wake up until spring.

Text: STRC “South Ural”