In the construction of railway journey in the Murmansk region blow the rock

In the Murmansk region continues construction of a new railway bypassing emergency bridge. Need to pave nearly six miles of trails. On the eve on one of the sites, including rock used explosives.

More than four tons of explosives and 200 wells for the leveling path: near Murmansk, work continued on the construction of the railway. In town for a week, not trains. The builders will lay here for almost six kilometers of the canvas in record time.

we’ve installed more than a mile of the ways in which workers connect and Ballesteros – riprap soil. There almost the same.

“Involved 550 people, 170 pieces of equipment. Until the end of the day will be laid three kilometers of new rail-sleeper grid,” says Victor Golomolzin, head of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

a Little further prepare the fabric for laying the following sections. To help the railroad arrived in the region of the engineering troops of the Western military district. Hundred soldiers and nearly 50 pieces of equipment. The main assistant machine BOOM 2, capable of drilling in any plane. It can make pits to a depth of nine metres, where, and pour explosives.

“Harder work there – be prepared to undermine and take his products. He ruined is a matter of technique: laid explosives, pressed the button, took a pulse and everything exploded, but to prepare for it – the most difficult,” says Denis Gorelyshev, head of the engineering troops of the field armies of the Western military district.

Work is being done around the clock, builders helps polar day. As stated in the Railways, given the advance schedule the railway will fail to start two days earlier – the movement needs to open June 21.