In the Crimea has responded to outrage US about the trains to the Peninsula

This is an elementary envy. Reacted in Simferopol on the condemnation of the launch of railway communication with the Crimea by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. A different position from the United States should not have expected, the head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent mission of the Crimea under the President of Russia Alexander Moloch.

“Crimean bridge — the pride of Russia. I am going new year’s eve to meet in the train on the Crimean bridge, stressed in an interview with RIA Novosti Alexander Moloch. — And proud of it”.

He added that Russia has shown the world the ability to independently without outside help to implement large-scale construction project of road and rail parts of the Crimean bridge. A bridge to the Crimea from Taman — the longest in Russia and in Europe. Its length is 19 kilometers. On December 25 it was the first regular passenger train. Trains Tavriya connects Simferopol and Sevastopol from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This fact in Washington described as a demonstration of Russia’s blatant disrespect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, which were blocked in Crimea rail links, electricity supplies and blocked the flow of water through the North-Crimean channel after April 2014.

In the Crimea and Sevastopol in March 2014 passed a referendum in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter. The vast majority of voters voted for them for joining Russia. Kiev, blocking the Crimea still considers the Peninsula its but temporarily occupied territory.

the Issue of Crimea is closed completely, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Putin and opened the railway traffic on the Crimean bridge. From Kerch to Anapa, he moved on a railway three-car lineup at the velvet path — the so-called continuous method of laying rails. After the opening of the Crimean bridge for the 14 million Russians, the Crimea became closer. Such PAsauropoda expects RZD for the year.