In the Crimea will not be penalized for the lack of masks

In the Crimea will not be penalized for the lack of masks in public places. Thus the recommendation to wear them and observe social distance will still remain. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“I believe that fines will not help in this case, we have to work and convince people so that they understand that this is their area of responsibility, including for the health of their loved ones,” said Feldman.

Residents and guests of Crimea should comply with the precautions and the social distance.

Aksyonov apologized to all Russians for the requirement to quarantine in Observatory coming. He stressed that such strict regulation was necessary because of the pandemic. Now this requirement has been abolished. Overall, according to the head of the region, the number of tourists coming to the Crimea, every day is increasing by 20 percent. Today is made of about 50 flights daily. “This is a natural situation, all rushed to the Republic, wanted to relax,” said Feldman.

Sergey Aksenov expressed confidence that with the invention of the vaccine COVID-19 will be interpreted as a normal cold or the flu. “He already have everything and there is nothing you can do, then there will be less sick, more sick. Anyway you just have to learn by these rules to live and work,” — said the head of the Crimea.

According to Aksenova, thanks to the discipline of the residents and accepted safety precautions in the Republic managed to maintain a relatively small number of people infected.

From June 15, in the Crimea began the holiday season for local residents, repealed the mandatory 14-day quarantine at the Observatory for Russians from other regions. While there are still restrictions for arrivals from abroad, including from Ukraine. At the entrance to the Crimea will measure the temperature.