In the Czech Republic was found the well, which may be the oldest wooden building

In 2018, near the Czech town of the Island, the researchers found a well, which is probably the oldest wooden building. According to scientists, it was built in the period between 5255 5256 and the BC – in Neolithic times. In other words, the structure can reach up to 7275 years.

Experts have discovered the well during construction of the motorway. Due to the ceramic fragments, which were later discovered by archaeologists inside it, scientists have dated this place in the early Neolithic. Interestingly, the researchers found no evidence that there once lived people. Maybe the water took away the residents of several nearby settlements.

the Well consists of four oak pillars, one in each corner, fastened together with flat boards. Form of buildings reminiscent of a square of size 80 by 80 centimeters. The height of the find is 140 centimeters.

Despite its venerable age, the pit is quite well preserved, which allowed the specialists to use dendrochronological method of Dating and radiocarbon analysis. The first technology is based on the study of annual rings of wood, the second on measuring the content of radioactive isotopes of carbon.

it turned Out that the trees from which were manufactured the Board was cut down to about 7275 years ago. Most likely, it was then built himself a well.

the trees, which were subsequently made two pillars were cut down before the one 7278-7279 years ago, the other nine years before. According to experts, both copies could be used for other purposes, and then were useful in the construction of a well.

By the way, one of the side plates also differed by age. The tree from which it was made, was cut down much later: 7261-7244 years ago. Perhaps the ancients at some point repaired the well and attached a new Board.

it is Important to note that experts still not to assign his finding the title of the oldest wooden buildings existing today. In Europe there are more than 40 such wells belonging to the same period. And instances, in Hungary, are considered to be even more ancient. First, as experts believe, was created in 5400-5200 years before our era, the second – 5600-5400 years before our era.

However, according to the archaeologists, none of these wells were not dated using dendrochronological method, therefore, prior results are considered less accurate.

in the czech republic was found the well which may be the oldest wooden building 1Experts believe the find is unique, including because of the methods used in its creation.Photo Rybn∎ek et al., J. Archaeol. Sci., 2020.

By the way, the researchers were interested in finding, not only because of her age, but the technologies that were used during construction.

“the design of the [newly discovered] well unique. We believe that it was used by settlers during the so-called Neolithic revolution, the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture and settlements,” – says archaeologist Jaroslav Pawn (Jaroslav Peka) of the archaeological centre of Olomouc, in the Czech Republic.

On the wood are traces of stone tools, which helped to give it the desired shape.

“[the Well] contains traces of the use of construction technologies used in the bronze and iron ages (that is, much later – approx. ed.). We had no idea that the first farmers, who had only tools of stone, bone, antlers or wood, can process the surface of the felled trunks with such precision”, – concluded the Pawn.

Scientific article on the results of work published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

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