In the development of Smoking in 2020 are going to invest 7.4 billion rubles

development of the Kuril Islands from the budgets of all levels are going to invest 7.4 billion rubles in 2020, which is more than two times more than in the previous.

As reported “Interfax”, in the framework of the Federal target program “the Kurile Islands” in 2020 it is planned to implement the 32 actions in the framework of the regional program — 21 event.

One of the key areas — housing. Planned volumes on the Kunashir, Shikotan, and Iturup — about 7 thousand sq. m.; there will move people out of temporary structures in which they live after the earthquake of 1994. Will be constructed of 5.4 thousand square meters of rental housing.

the Second focus is ensuring the smooth air and sea traffic between the Kuriles, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the mainland. The third direction — creation of conditions for priority development of the Islands and the more efficient use of natural resources.