In the Donbass ready to exchange detainees

parties to the conflict in the Donbass ready to exchange the detainees. People’s Republic and Kiev has already said that all the conditions for it are fulfilled.

it is Expected that a procedure will be spent in the area of the checkpoint Gorlovka – Mayorsk; it is the demarcation line in the Donetsk Republic.

the Donetsk and Lugansk will give Kiev 55 people, expect that home to the Donbass will return 87 people who had been held by Kiev. This preliminary data, the lists are still to be determined.

the Exchange in the South-East of Ukraine was not performed for two years. To speed up the process demanded participants of the meeting in “Norman format”.

According to some, the lists for the exchange of Kiev also included soldiers of “Berkut”. Former special forces officers, the court in Kiev on the eve freed from custody.

Aggressive Maidan supporters staged a protest outside the Lukyanivka prison. Radicals blocked the exits and shouted insults at the police.