In the fight against coronavirus in Ivanov joined the veterans of the paratroopers

Ivanovskie public men joined in the fight against coronavirus infection. On the embankment, the activists of the popular front, the army and Marines staged a campaign for the prevention COVID-19.

“Please, keep the social distance. Try not to get too close, even for a walk. And, of course, wear masks and gloves,” said Ivanovo volunteers.

Doctors warn that with the onset of hot days, when most spend a lot of time on the street, the favourable conditions for the spread of infection.

a member of the Union of paratroopers of area Sergey Lobur adds: “People have relaxed so much that I think the danger is behind us. Actually no. In many areas, there are breaks, but we have, unfortunately, on the contrary, complications. Now you need to convey to citizens. That’s what we do”.

As informs GTRK “of Ivteleradio”, raids the social worker again and again. While the incidence in the region will decline, people need to be reined in, according to activists.

Note that the number of infected with the coronavirus residents of the Ivanovo region exceeded 3 thousand. Over the past day in the region have identified 101 cowed media. Daily gains of more than a hundred of infected kept for a week. Deaths per day is not marked.

Since the beginning of the pandemic from the coronavirus died on 25 man. All had comorbidities. More than 230 thousands of patients recovered. The number infected region is at the 40th place in the country. The prevalence of infection is still greater than one, but the day he dropped by 0.20. On 100 thousand inhabitants of the region coronavirus infected 298 people. On 9 June the figure was 288.

Text: TV “of Ivteleradio”