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In the “Gazette” began an internal investigation due to “capture” the pages in Instagram. This is stated in the message of the publishing company “Business news Media” (BNM).

“Capture of the editorial instagram account is not the first case of misuse of the information channels of “Vedomosti” in the last month, the report says. – All the customers and executors of misconduct, which undermines the work of the publishing house, will be revealed”.

Specifies that the control over the account to “Vedomosti” on Instagram now fully restored.

“Such actions, we cannot perceive it otherwise, as another provocation and sabotage. Unfortunately, we have to admit that there are forces interested in disrupting the normal operation of the publishing house”, – quotes “Interfax” the General Director of BNM Mikhail Nelyubin.

According to him, despite the “directed against “Vedomosti” campaign”, the newspaper continues to be published on schedule.

As reported June 5, the Board of Directors of “Vedomosti” confirmed Andrew Shmarova chief editor of the newspaper and website. A few days later, the staff of the publications offered to the Board of Directors of BNM to approve chief editor Anfisa Voronin. Subsequently it was voted less than members of the Council.

on 15 June it became known that all Deputy Shmarova has decided to leave the newspaper in disagreement with this decision. 22 Jun your post decided to leave the General Director of the BNM, Gleb Prozorov, his place was taken by Mikhail Nelyubin.