In the grocery market in Orsk rapidly spreading coronavirus

In Orsk at the market “Avangard” there are no grocery pavilions. There carry out sanitization. A week ago three sellers in the market identified coronavirus infection. Today, their number has reached 30.

the First focus of infection was discovered in the meat, and Then the virus struck, dairy and vegetable pavilions. Ten people already have a confirmed diagnosis. Among those who have already relatives and friends working in the market.

however, Avangard continues to operate in a restricted mode. The sellers complain that the product is spoiled, and people with caution around the area. All employees of the market are obliged to pass a test on COVID-19, he was taken a week ago. As reported STRC “Orenburg” aired on the channel “Russia 24”, the decision on closing down of the market is not yet adopted. Closed only food rows.

in addition, in neighboring Kazakhstan quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Restrictions on two weeks come into effect from 5 July. Flights from other countries will continue, but the list of allowed countries will remain unchanged. On 20 June, Kazakhstan has opened flights to such countries as Turkey, China, South Korea, Thailand, Georgia and Japan. A week later, the list was expanded. It includes 11 countries. Among them Hungary, India, Germany, Czech Republic and Malaysia.

Text: GTRK “Orenburg”